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Before you can start comparing prices across different gadget insurance companies, you should start out with a plan. You already know which gadget you would like to insure, but you still need to know which features of each policy to compare and how much those extras will cost, We have chosen the most important factors to consider when performing a comparison across different providers of gadget insurance. Read on to get a better understanding of how you can find the best gadget insurance through a simple comparison of the core features.

The first and most important feature to look for is the insurance eligibility criteria. If seeking insurance from a UK gadget insurance company, then your gadget needs to have been purchased within the UK and you will need a valid UK proof of purchase stating this, either a receipt or invoice will do. It must also have been purchased within the last 18 months, After this time has elapsed, you will no longer be eligible to insure your gadget. This length of time does vary across insurance companies, so it is worth doing your research if you have a gadget in need of insuring that is older than 18 months.

If you need to make a claim on your policy from Gadget Cover, you will have to pay an excess fee, the cost of which will vary depending upon the value of your gadget. For insured gadgets valued up to £500, the excess fee will be £50. For gadgets valued over £500, the excess fee will be £75. Additional terms apply so make sure you read the full policy details.

Whilst researching excess fees amongst gadget insurance providers, you will see a huge variance in figures. Some will offer lower excess fees with a higher monthly premium, whilst others will offer lower monthly payments with a higher excess fee.

Is Your Gadget Eligible To Be Insured?

How Much Is The Excess Fee When Making A Claim?

You will no doubt have seen a wide range of prices being advertised over the Internet with many claims from different companies that they are the cheapest. The problem here is that every device is different. For example, smart phones will have higher retail values than non smart phones. The Apple iPhone 7 will have many different models available with different screen and storage sizes. The retail value of each of these phones is different and so will the cost of insuring it be different. You will need to enter the specific details of your phone model into a quote form to find out how much it will cost to insure. More importantly, consider the entire package when comparing quotes, as the monthly price alone should not be the sole deciding factor. The “cheapest” policy does not mean it will be the “best” policy. Ask yourself “What Am I Getting For My Money?”.

How Much Is The Monthly Premium?

If you are going to be paying every month for a service, then you want to make sure you are getting value for your money. Benefits such as cover for accidental damage, breakdown, liquid damage, accessories cover, worldwide cover, theft cover, unauthorised use and unlimited claims are just some of the main benefits that are included as standard with a policy from Gadget Cover. In fact, there is only one additional extra available on their quote form which you can pay for, which is optional loss cover, which only costs an extra £1 per month. Every other benefit is included within the monthly premium.

What Benefits Are Included As Standard?

Disclaimer: The prices for mobile phones and mobile insurance policies quoted here on this page are for informational purposes only and were correct at the time of publishing. (15th March 2017) You should always check the source websites for the most current information and prices.

Who Offers The Best Multi Gadget Insurance In The UK?