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Gadget Cover is our preferred insurance provider as they offer the best policy with comprehensive cover at the cheapest price. Unlimited claims in any given year with worldwide cover included for up to 180 days in any one year.

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As you research prices for gadget insurance in the UK, you will find that the quotes you receive from each company will vary a lot. This is to be expected once you have a better understanding of the offers available as well as the inclusive benefits and additional extras. Deciding on which quote to go for based on price alone may turn out to be a big mistake, especially when it comes to making a claim. It makes perfect sense to do your research thoroughly before committing to an insurance policy to avoid any surprises and additional hidden expenses.


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What Features Should You Compare?

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The main features of an insurance policy which should be compared are:

Most of the answers to these questions will be found on each insurers website, whilst the other answers will need some further research.


Disclaimer: The prices for mobile phones, mobile insurance policies and excess fees quoted here on this page are for informational purposes only and were correct at the time of publishing. (14th April 2017). Special offers displayed on this page may expire at any time. You should check the source websites for the most current information, prices and special offers.

For the purposes of making this a fair comparison, we will take the example of the Apple iPhone 6s 128 GB smart phone and use the same handset model to generate quotes from leading UK gadget insurance companies for comparison. This is one of the most expensive handsets on the market, so it will be a good example to use to illustrate the differences in costs against the top specialist gadget insurance companies.

Although this is not the latest model from Apple, it has been around long enough to be named one of the most popular phones ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

While this may not be the same as your particular phone model, it should still make for an interesting comparison and highlight price differences across different companies. We shall also be selecting accidental damage, theft and loss cover to be included as this will provide full protection for your handset.

Once we have selected the cheapest quotes, we can then proceed to compare the other included benefits and features of each policy. In this case, we are comparing policies that are suited for insuring a single gadget only. If you have multiple gadgets that need insuring, some of these companies may not be suitable as they only cater to customers wishing to insure a single device or handset and don’t offer a comprehensive multiple gadget insurance policy.

Gadget Cover is our preferred gadget insurance company as they offer the best range of benefits for a truly comprehensive insurance cover. They offer the first month free with all annual insurance policies. With optional loss cover included (£1 extra per month), the annual cost of insuring an Apple iPhone 6s 128 GB handset is £98.89 per year ( 1 month free included), or £8.99 per month if paying monthly.

The excess fee is £75 (for gadgets valued over £500) with unlimited claims in any given year. If your Apple device is in need of repair due to accidental damage, once your claim is approved, you will be given the option of taking it to your local Apple store and any repair costs will be reimbursed to you.

It also includes worldwide cover for 180 days in any given year, which is twice as long as nearly all the other gadget insurance companies we reviewed.

Click the image to the right to view the full range of included benefits.

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American Express Gadget Insurance Single Item Cover

American Express gadget insurance has 9 different prices available as they allow you to custom  build your insurance policy. You can choose your own excess level, either £50, £75 or £100. Increasing your excess level reduces your monthly costs of the policy and vice versa. You can also choose the level of cover to only have cover for accidental damage, or accidental damage plus theft, or be covered for all three to include loss cover. They also limit claims to 2 per 12 month period.

If you choose the £50 excess option, you will pay £8 per month, totalling £96 per year.

If you choose the £75 excess option, your monthly cost will be cheaper at £7.75 per month, totalling £93 per year.

If you choose the £100 excess option, your monthly costs will be the cheapest at £7.25 per month, totalling £87 per year.

The question now is which policy is cheaper if you make 2 claims in a 12 month period. Let’s work this out by adding the annual cost of insurance plus the cost of making 2 claims on each policy.

£50 excess policy: £96 + 2 X £50 = £196

£75 excess policy: £93 + 2 X £75 = £243

£100 excess policy: £87 + 2 X £100 = £287

It is now quite clear that trying to save money on your monthly payments by selecting a higher excess may very well save you money over the year, (you save £9) but as soon as you make 2 claims, your actual costs of insurance cover plus excess fees will work out more expensive. £287 - £196 = £91 more expensive to be exact.

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Gadget Buddy Gadget Insurance

Gadget Buddy gadget insurance offer 3 different types of cover for the iPhone 6s as their cover for loss and theft is optional. In the interests of keeping this comparison fair, we shall look at their Gold policy as this one includes cover for accidental damage, theft and loss. It costs £8.75 per month or if you pay annually, you get one month free, bringing down your annual cost to £96.25.

They also offer worldwide cover for 90 days in a 12 month period and limit claims to 2 incidents per 12 month period. The excess fee for making a claim is £50, but if making a claim overseas or for a lost device, then the excess fee is higher at £75.

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Tinhat Gadget Insurance

Tinhat gadget insurance offer 2 types of policy (Basic Cover or Full Cover) which are packed with a wide range of benefits for insuring an Apple iPhone 6s 128 GB. With only one additional option for loss cover priced at an extra £1 per month. For Full Cover (which includes loss cover), it costs £8.49 per month or if you pay annually, you get one month free and pay £93.39 per year.

This policy includes cover for accessories (up to £150) and any unauthorised data use (up to £2500). They have a low excess fee of £50 (phone value up to £999) and also offer unlimited claims. The features of this policy are very similar to the one offered by Gadget Cover. The 2 main differences with the Tinhat policy are a slightly lower excess fee and a shorter duration of worldwide cover for 90 days in a 12 month period.

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Debenhams Gadget Insurance

Debenhams gadget insurance offer 3 levels of cover to choose from: Standard Cover, Premium Cover and Ultimate Cover.

Click on the image to the right to see how the benefits increase as you choose to pay more each month for a higher level of cover.

Their comprehensive policy which includes cover for accidental damage, theft and loss is the Ultimate Cover, priced at £8.50 per month. They offer 1 months free insurance if you pay annually to insure an Apple iPhone 6s 128 GB which costs £93.50 per year.

If you were to make a claim, the excess fee for this handset would be £50, increasing to £75 if the claim was for loss. If you make a claim in the first 31 days of taking out a policy, you will have to pay an additional £25 excess fee. This means that if you lost your iPhone 6s in the first 31 days of taking out their Ultimate Cover policy, your excess fee would be £75 + £25 = £100.

Debenhams are one of a few companies that offer unlimited claims regardless of if the claim is for loss, theft or accidental damage. Their worldwide cover is slightly longer than most companies at 120 days in any given year. They also have a very high approval rate for processing claims at 93%. This is something that many insurance companies fail to advertise on their websites.

They also offer repairs at Apple Genius Bars which is the same as the policies from Tinhat and Gadget Cover. Once your claim has been approved you can go to your local Apple store to have it repaired and any repair costs will be reimbursed to you.

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