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Since you have made it to this part of the internet, I am going to assume that you just found out about insurance policies and such, and now you are wondering or are planning to go for the plan. Grab a cup of coke and whatever you get yourself comfortable because we are going to be taking you on a trip into how death insurance or death cover works.

Life comes with burdens for each and every one of us and even in death, we want our families and loved ones to prosper and for that to happen, money is vital. It is true money and happiness do not have a direct relationship but you need money in order to survive this harsh world.

It is a hard pill to swallow but realizing that you may die at any moment without a warning and such. But a responsible person would not wait for the inevitable to happen but would worry about the consequences of it and how it would affect his or her loved ones or family. In order to look out for them, death insurance is a great form of security. People have so many problems and frankly, there is no telling what happens tomorrow or the day after. So being prepared is all we can do and hope. Death insurance can help cover mortgage, education expenses for your family members and in case you do not want your family to bare the hard and treacherous debts that you has left behind.

Death coverage helps your family move on with life, whilst not have a new crushing burden of money to deal with. Also as a single parent, life can be very hard and people very unreliable thus it is recommended that you, if are a single mother or father. And you have children to take care of, please go for life insurance you do not want your kids getting wrecked in the social justice system. Also in case of your death, if you have dependent members in a family or if you are living all alone, this coverage can cover your funeral costs as well. Whether you want to get cremated or whatever, you can sign the details and the contract keeping the said company in collaboration with your insurance company.

Firstly, insurance of any kind, like literally any have plans. Each plans vary and have different pros, cons, awards, and policies. So you have got to know what you want, it is okay to just walk into an insurance company demanding what it is all about, because no one is going to force you to sign or pay anything. The representative are there for a reason, no need to be intimidated by them either. They are just people and have been specifically hired to guide and explain you through everything. So calm those nerves and go!
Anyhow, here are the basics of death insurance or accidental death or dismemberment. It falls into the life insurance sub category and is also an add on to the life insurance, if one wants.


 Your death whether accidental, suicide or some other cause, related to natural disasters and such, will be covered. and your loved ones, or whoever you have signed the next of kin documentation for, will receive a big amount of money so that they may live on, this sum is usually pretty big, like half a grand for basic plans.

Speaking of plans, before you decide to do anything related to insurance, you have to google the nearest and best insurance companies around, find out if they offer the type of insurance you are looking for. You can call them if the insurance company’s website does not offer you enough information. Though after calling, schedule a meeting with an endurance policy officer and ask away, ask about the rewards, the yearly payout plans, the increase options, the benefits and limitations of the plans you are interested in.

The types of insurance that is available for death coverage are group life supplement plans, a voluntary coverage type plan, body dismemberment and so on. What you need to know about these plans is that they are all vastly different and if you thinking that they are anything similar to health insurance plans then nope, you are wrong. This type of insurance only covers fatal injuries and nothing else. If you want to know more about health insurance then you should extend your life insurance plan and you might get a discount and more added benefits along with your death insurance plan.


The thing about death insurance is that it is very flexible and that you have the option to extend it as you go along. Like with time insurance you can also add several health insurance factors to your already existing plan. This way even if you suffer from a really bad injury but you lived, your insurce company will take over a good amount of the cost percentage.


Even though insurance companies only want to benefit their clients and insurance literally means safety. People are still very skeptical about it, and are unware, so unless it is the law in your country or unless the people of your country are very well versed about the benefits and importance of insurce plans. 
Then you will have to realize that keeping your clients happy is very important. That uis because you need to be keeping them with your company for the long run, someone dropping their plan is a really bad sign for the company and if you happen to be the policy officer, it is going to be a huge blow for you too, mate. For new companies you really need to step up your game if you want your company to boom and if you want your clients recommending it to other people, you know? 

So here is a list of ways you can please your clients and have their loyalty entrusted with your insurance company. It is very normal to go the extra mile for your climts, especially when you are starting small. It is a given to be honest, and sometimes it is not possible to hire a marketing team for this department. If you cannot 

Let us start with the first method.

In order for many business to thrive, a healthy and happy relationship must be maintained with the clients, so call your clients at random asking about their current conditions, to see if they are alright, and to say thank you for their choice to asocuiate and plan with your respected company. Nothing makes anyone happier than a check in call every now and then. 


If you want to really please your customers and climb the ranks real quick, then this is how you can do it. It should not  be too hard since insurance companies have connections that allow them to offer VIP services and fancy things for a smaller dollar. Do things that will bring a smile to your clients face, keeping their profiles in mind. 

Like a movie ticket or a gift voucher, a free meal from a cool new restraut or an invuite to an event. Things like these really get the clients happy and this way you will be double promoting your business and will show the that you are a high class company that only and truly works for the benefits of their customers. People will tell other people about it, bcuase admit it. Who does not like to get free stuff and not boast about it? Make people’s experices worthwhile, alright, because that is the plan. Do this for them every six months so they are motivated about completing their yearly payout goals and more. 


After your customer hits a milestone, or when you have a new client sign with your insurance company, with their conscent of course, ask them to take a picture with you guys or them to send their own so you can showcase their partnership to the world. This will be a sweet gesture from your companys side, the client will be receiving protocol, and you will be showing the world your progress and you will get more clients this way as well. Do talk this out with the client, do not impose or tell them to do this as an obligation as this can bite you back and actually have a negative effct on your business. Also people will be getting a shout out to their accounts, I mean more followers right? A lot of people would definitely want that.


Wether it is ugly t-shirts or coffee mugs, people, again love free stuff and just feel dekighted when they receive something extra. Heck, I mean I would to. So, send them stuff from your office. That be calenders, mugs, baskets, publications, post cards, gift vouchers and that kind of stuff. Trust me this kind of branding technique is used by big marketing agencies, so you just got this free. 


For your social media platforms or for your entire your company, it depends if you can handle it. But be aware that there are plenty of small startups who advertise and do marketing, so there will be something that will suit your budget. So, before you completely give up and think management and staff will fall short. Do not worry because there are marketing agencies looking for clients desperately and you can even negaotiate a deal or short term contract. Trust me, it will hurt more not efficiently advertising than giving a little more for experts to maintain and give rise to your insurance company! 

That is all for this article, I would like to hear your thoughts too! Running a business can be hard but with the right tactics and strategies, anything including big success can be achieved. So do not forget to keep your clients happy!

Insurance Policies and Their Types

So That You Know Which Type And Plan Is The Best For You!

Introduction to Insurance
You must have heard that myth when they say just do your studies well and everything will be good after that. It never happens like that, does it? Well, what happens after is that they put a large mountain in front of us and give us a cycle and as us to start our journey of life on it. Also, what comes at the top when you have achieved the mountain summit? The only thing that waits for us there at the end of this epic life journey is death. 

And the whole journey is never smooth and easy, it sure is going to be a very heavy burden lifting race. In real life circumstances, these burdens are future securing plans. Such fears can really stress out the people heavily due to their haunting flavors.
 Fears can leave you in worries such as:
  • What will happen after I get retired?
  • Who will be there to look after for my household after I die or after I get retired?
  • How will I manage to pay for everything at daughter’s wedding day?
  • How will I be able to afford the expenses of my kids’ college education?
  • What if I ever get sick?
  • Who will cover for the expenses if I ever get into a car accident?

All such fears and worries can be overcome by the insurance.

What Is This Term ‘Insurance’?

When we talk about why should we need insurance, that is what we have explained you in the discussion above that, sooner or later, in one way or the other, almost everyone needs it. And if we talk about what insurance actually is and what is the entity of this term legally is?

Well, insurance carries legal binding as it is a contract, a contract to be carried down between the insurance company (and the insurer) and the individual or business organization (or you can simply call it the insured party). The contract binds the legality of payment by the insurer to the insured party in case of demand or need with proof of need. 

Simply saying, the insured party pays the annual payments in form of premiums and get their payments back either in case of need or collectively after the completion of the insurance policy time duration.

Basic Types of Insurance Policies According To the Societal Requirements

Currently, in the times today, there are even more than 20 to 30 types of insurance being offered to the people according to their own needs based on the different societal pressures on everyone in their different ways. However, the main categories are a few and we will be discussing them here today that the insurance policies are there for:
  • Life

As the name shows, the insurance for life or saying the term logically as ‘Life Insurance’, is for the people who are actually the earning point of a household. Such people earn the bread for their home and families, they are the source of income primarily for any home. The members of their families depend upon them for the financial requirements. 

Such people have to get themselves insured in case if something happens to them. This means that we all know that life is uncertain, only death is certain and it is going to come one day. But, truthfully you also leave people after your demise who are still in this world and they have to survive. Life insurance pays them in your place for them to meet their expenditures for a pre decided time span so they become able enough to earn for themselves.
  • Health

You must understand till now that how insurance works. Heavy amount of hospital bills can surely take you towards bankruptcy and not everyone can afford to pay heavy hospital bills. Health insurance is another kind of insurance idea which is sold in great deal all over the world. Usually health insurance can be in general but a few people also opt for the plans for specific diseases. 

The people pay premiums on annual yearly basis and their heavy medical bills are covered by the health insurance from the companies.
  • It may cover the following:
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Treatment cost
  • Medical bills
  • Education

As with the research being done in this world, the education sector is also being explored and enhance with the technological upgradation and the research outcomes. With the expansion of education sector, it is also becoming very difficult for the people to cover for their educational expenditures.

Parents is this age also cannot provide the right amount of funds for their children’s high school or college education. However, what they can do is that they can pay a saved amount every year in the form of insurance premium so that it can cover for their child’s education when the time comes.

The owner of the policy are either the parents or any other person who is the legal guardian of the child. However, the child is ultimate recipient of the insurance payment at the time of policy maturity or any other time of demand in life as per their own needs.

Life Insurance

Have you ever heard about the insurance and its relative types. If not then allow me to present to you a hefty article about the insurance and the most common form of insurance being signed by most of the people around the world. The insurance is all about paying the hefty amount of money every six months. Or you will have to pay an excessive amount every year. This is what it depends upon you financial position. And the company with whom you have signed a contract with, has the responsibility to provide you a financial aid whenever you or your family members get injuries in any road accident or any other natural accident. 
Moreover, you can claim the expense of treatment of injuries caused due to accidents. The most common type of insurance is death insurance. In which you or your family members will be given death benefits. The benefits will also be given to the beneficiaries that you have named during the signing of the contract between you and the particular insurance firm. There are many advantages of getting a life insurance. Yeah, this statement is right. Because most of the people from middle class family just donot have enough power or enough capacbility to support their family on different events either it is funeral or treatment of their loved one. They just sign a contract with a particular insurance firm to make sure that their family get a financial aid, in case they looses life race.

Different aspects of Life Insurance

As I have mentioned above that the sole purpose of getting life insurance is to make life easier for those who left behid. Like a person from middle class family gets a  life insurance and unfrotuantely, due to any reason, he lost his life. Then the remaining family members of that prson will have the authority to claim a financial aid from a particular insurance firm. As a result, the family members will not have to worry about expenditures that can be applied on the funeral. Moreover, their standard of living will not get damaged or get affected. 
The most amazing part about the life insurance that you will observe is that the brokers from a particular life insurance firm are more intelligent and clever in accessing the life standard of a particular family. As well as, they sugges the best insurance policy that will not affect their living standard. Most of the insurance firms all around the world just allows different packages ior you can say max timeframe of a particular insurance policy. Some of the life insurance firms just allow you to sign an insurance policy for an entire life, VUL or you can pronounce it as variable universal life and the universal life insurance policies. As well as you will have an option to evaluate the needs according your insurance policy. 
You can claim you insurance for couple of events mentioned below:
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a child
Moreover, you can claim your insurance for mega purchases like purchasing a new home for you.

How it Works

Just like every othe insurance policies in the world, there different components, a part life insurance firm provides you. The major components are as follows:
  • Death benefit

Well, the death benefit can be regarded as the insurance that you sign for yourself or even for your family members. Moreover, the insurance firm just determines the financial aid for your family members that are mentioned in a particular insurance policy. The best part about the death insurance is that the particular person will have an option to select the name of persons or family members who will then be able to get the financial aid. The financial fund will be based on the future possible needs of the remaining family members of that particular person.
  • Premium

Just like most of the service, related to any fields, have three packages for you. Similarly, a particular life insurance firm will amaze you with premium insrance policy. The amount of premium heavily depends upon different stats. For example the person who will sign the insurance policy will have en option to select the cost of insurance you can call it as COI. Or you can just explain it as the amount that you have to pay in order to get same hefty amount of money at the time of funeral. All other options which have great affect on the type of particular insurance policy include the age of a person, his / her medical history, personal risk as well as the occupational hazard.
  • Cash value

This type of life insurance can be regarded as universal life insuranc. This genre of life insurance comprises of two sole purposes. You can call it as saving accounts. These type of accounts can be utilized by a person who hold policy. So, it work more like a banking system. The last purpose of this cash value insurance policy is that it just cuts the rising cost and is responsible to provide the best life insurance policy.

Importance of Insurance in the Life of People

See How An Insurance Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Life!

Concept of Insurance
It is usually said that life in the only thing which is uncertain however death is certain and it is going to come sooner or later, one day or the other day. The concept of insurance is stay secured and why not go for living a healthy and secured life ahead. This life is going to end one day and also it is not sure that if it is going to be healthy permanently or not.

We are trying to make you worried or something but this is a fact and it should be accepted as it is and as early as possible. Obviously we, at the insurance companies, cannot save you from the natural calamities and the losses that have to happen. However, we can give a plan and a way out of that vicious cycle to get secured and covered financially as soon as possible.

Why Opting for Insurance?


We, as humans, plan for our lives that we will do this or that. Since forever, people are making plans for a crazy and happy future along with plenty of plans. that at the age of 20 we should do this, at the age of 30 we must have done that, we should have made these achievements by the age of 40 and get retired by the age of 60 and enjoy the rest of our lives. Funny thing, life doesn’t go as we plan or as we want it to pass.

In this case, the people purchase the insurance policies based on different time duration plans that pay off either at the maturity of the plan or as per the demand of the insured party that can be either an individual and also an organization or the business. The insurance plans help the people and society as a whole as they are meant to lessen the burden of the society and work for the welfare of the economy as a whole. 

Importance of Insurance for the Individuals purchasing it


Insurance is a beneficial phenomenon for everyone in the society. However, the concept and the idea benefits the individuals purchasing it at a wider level than anyone else. The person can get secured for his life time, he or she can get their marriage plans successful and also the parents can do maximum for their own kids’ life plans.

Parents can get their kids’ marriages and college education’s worries solved and the kids become the recipient for such a large amount for lifetime. The individuals having the insurance contract can use the contract as a legal evidence for their financial proof requirements in any other contracts where they have to show their property or assets. The contracts can also work for you as a legal proof of asset if you are applying to get some loans.

The people who worry a lot about their post retirement life, they should not worry anymore because the insurance policies can really make is easy for them and help them getting their burdens sorted before that age and they can easily live a financially balanced and strong life after the retirement.

People who purchase the health insurance should know that in case of any problems or issues regarding the health, they are kept covered. Health insurance can really help them in paying off big hospitalization bills and also the medical costs are reimbursed completely. Major costs which are incurred by CT scans and MRI scans are covered and the OPD costs are also covered.

In the case of accidents, the victims can be provided immediate aid and help and no one would have to worry if the bills will be covered or not.

Importance of insurance for the organizations


As we discussed above that insurance helps and benefits the society as a whole. It helps the organizations at a wide level too. The organization who are insured can get their contracts and operations secured and back by the insurance.

They choose for the health insurance of their employees and in this case the employees work without worry that they are secured. Similarly, the employees are also covered with their medical insurances against any kind of diseases and also the medical is given insurances for the employees’ families too i.e. their children, spouse and parents.

The insurance policies in this way help the businesses grow indirectly that their employees are secured. Also, the organizations can get insured for the calamities against fire. In case of fire within the office’s building, the fire insurance can cover for every loss occurred in case of fire within the organization building or premises.

How insurance helps the economy


When the people within a state are secured, automatically they will be happy and worry free. In this case, their productivity will enhance and they will have peace of mind to work more creatively and the revenues will increase.

Also, insurance companies are striving to work for the welfare of the society and to take the burden away from the people. In this way, the society and the economy are helped and growth increases.


Uncertainty, unforeseen deaths, accidents and many other terrible tragic things may happen to anyone at any given time. Life does not knock on your door, handing you a notice claiming that something terrible is going to happen to you. You have to prepare for the unexpected and have a plan b or backup plan.

You may have an unduiagnoised disease, have an arm or leg unepxctedly broken, a family or people to care for. There are so many things that can happen to a person, as dark and sad these things are to think about. They are all very real and could happen to anyone without warning. So the best course of action is satying safe, looking ahead and of course health insurance or accidemt insurance. If you are not clear about insurance or how it works, do not worry. Most people do not as it is more of a first world dynamic and most people happen to get insurance for their time travelling abroad. That is because, unless you have not travelled internationally that it is a neccisty to have insurance while your stay at a foreign coutry, only then you can revoke medical assiatce or else you will have to pay a lot more than what your injury or sickness bargained for. That being said, health insurance also covers for your death, if a person is worried about themselves and their loved ones, plus things are looking pretty grim, you can go for health insurance and then after your demise, cue grave sounding music. Your family will get a hefty sum of money to live on.

In some places, I mean more advanced countries, having a health insurance plan is a part of the law, you can potentially face chaeges and other penalties for the lack of health insurance. Every individual is obligated to it, except the alien you got from Area 51, they do not need it. Do contact the alien embassy for any details and inquires. Coming back to the bigger picture, regardless of whevere you are, unless you work in a governemt sector job or position or your company is willing to take over such costs, then you do not need it. Even if you are a little iffy about this, contact your most trusted insurance company around and ask for details and get ready for a whole lot of Googling.

Let us get into the dummy basics of health insurance, how it can save your life, keep your sanity, and so much more.



Let me put this in real simple words, so basically, when you want to have your back covered to save yourself from big bills, health related mishaps and other huge problems. You go to an insurance company where they sit you down and give you a list of plans, each plan varies and has a different total cost. And after you pick and finalize a plan, sign the agreement, the insurance company comes in, saves your self from gigantic medical costs and bills. If you get hurt or injured, as per the nature of your plan. Again, there are plenty of types, medical insurance is just one of them. There exist accident insurecn, house insurance, travel insurance, general insurance, flood insurance, pet insurance and more.

A basic health insurance plan covers essential heath benefits, and plus when you yearly cost maximum, your medical charges and such are all now the company’s burden, sounds festive, does it not? What you have to be careful about when deciding your plan is that you need to ask the really nice insurance policy man the details and ask him or her to explain everything about the policies to you. Think it through and ask them everything, it is okay if you think you sound like a moron. Better sounding like a moron than actually being one long term.

Some things that indicate that the health insurance plan is stellar is to notice the following checkups and such. Like vaccines coverage, medical screenings, frequent checkups, preventive care and so on.



The greatest advantage you will have is that you will get better rates and prices for health care treatments, prescriptions, checkups and more! That is the beauty of being associated with health insurance companies, the beteer, more reputable your company the better the prices you are going to get. All in all, you will be safe, from big cost surgeries and other things. You will be safe from the law, and with health insurance, you are not restricted to physical injuries and diseases, this also encompasses mental health disorders. So if you end up being in depression know that seeing a therapist is no longer a untouchable dream and so. You don’t have to head to Twitter, to complain about the severity of the lack of help for mental health illnesses. Just kidding, this is very serious and you should take care of your mental well-being. So, do not be afraid to ask about the mental health benefits from your induace officer either.

Famous Insurance Companies All Over the World

So You Should Know Where To Invest Is The Safest!

Insurance Concept

Just as the people make savings for some plans for the times yet to come in the future. They also save for the lost times when the money would be less. Insurance is a similar idea as of the savings. Insurance is this process of making savings with the insurance companies in the form of annual yearly premiums in order to allow them to make investments ahead.

Insurance carries legal binding as it is a contract, a contract to be carried down between the insurance company (and the insurer) and the individual or business organization (or you can simply call it the insured party). The contract binds the legality of payment by the insurer to the insured party in case of demand or need with proof of need.

Well, the journey of life, as we all understand, is not that easy itself. It has got these landslides, hurdles, traffic, race and a lot of other barriers for us before we reach our destination. Considering in the real life, these hurdles and barriers can be natural calamities, life problems, accidents, future worries, health issues, unemployment and a lot of other worries.

Big Names In The Insurance And Investment Industry That You Need To Know About:


Fears in your head can put you in extreme stress and with the worries such as:
  • Who will cover for the expenses if I ever get into a car accident?
  • What will happen after I get retired?
  • What if I ever get sick?
  • How will I manage to pay for everything at daughter’s wedding day?
  • Who will be there to look after for my household after I die or after I get retired?
  • How will I be able to afford the expenses of my kids’ college education?
All such fears and worries can be overcome by the insurance policies offered at various insurance companies all around the world.

Let us talk about a few out of the insurance companies or let’s say the big names in the insurance and investment industry:
  • China Life Insurance Company
  • CNP Assurances
  • Prudential Financial Inc.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • State Life Insurance Corporation
  • CNP Assurances


Founded about 60 years ago in 1959 with its headquarters in the touristic capital Paris of the France country, is the CNP Assurances. It is a famous corporation known for its exemplary services in the insurance and as an assurance guide to the people in France and also worldwide.
It serves to the areas in South America as a French corporation for insurance services with also a parent company which owns 40% of the shares of this insurance company, CNP Assurances. The full name for the CNP Assurances is Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance and is known for its revenues of more than $30 billion every year. The CEO of the corporation is
Frédéric Lavenir and the chairman is Jean-Paul Faugère.

  • State Life Insurance Corporation


The State Life Insurance Corporation is a government owned body in Pakistan and it is operational within Pakistan too. It is among one of the most prestigious and largest organizations within the country. With more than 2 lacs sales employees, the State Life insurance is ruling the country’s insurance industry services.
The government’s first insurance corporation, SLIC was established in 1972 with its headquarters in the old capital, Karachi and the chairman of the organization is Shoaib Mir Memon.
It also owns a range of subsidiary companies such as:
  • The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan Ltd.
  • Asset Management Arm
  • Alpha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • China Life Insurance Company


It is one of the most prestigious and known corporation working in China with the headquarters in Beijing and functioning all over China and the world as well. The corporation is a famous insurance company and an investment product based firm in china and has been listed in the Forbes 500 a lot of times. The company has an interesting structure with a few parent companies as well as a few child companies as well.
The child companies are like the organizations such as China Life Franklin Asset Management Company Ltd.
While the parents organizations are:
  • Government of China
  • State Council of People’s Republic of China
  • China Life Insurance Group
The CEO of the CLIC is Dairen Lin and the Chairman is Mr. Yang.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company


By the revenue stats, the Nippon Life Insurance Company is considered as the largest organization for the Insurance services within Japan. It is known for other names in Japan like Nissay and also sometimes as Nihon Seimei. It was founded back in the year 1889 with another name that is Nippon Life Assurance Co. however the name changed when the company decided to expand its scope.

The firm expanded the scope to all the aspects coming within the insurance umbrella. With the headquarters in the state Osaka in Japan, NLIC has its net value exceeded from 540 billion JPY. It also has a subsidiary named Taiju Life Insurance and the appointed CEO is Hiroshi Shimizu.

Differences between Takaful and Conventional or Traditional Insurance Policies

Clearing All Your Doubts So You Can Make Your Decisions With Ease!


People from all over the world believe in a worry free and stress free life. Mostly people from the western continents believe in living in a secured life so that you do not have to worry about what is going to happen after this or that. This is basically the mindset of the people living in those regions. Thus, they purchase all kinds of insurance policies to remain secure of maximum ends.

This means their houses are insured against the house insurance or fire insurance. Their cars or any other vehicles are also always insured against the car insurance. Also, all their kids and themselves are insured against life or health insurance policies. In this way, they pay an amount on yearly basis as the premium for insurance but they live a stress free life against it.

Concept of Takaful

The insurance concept and the policies are accepted and appreciated throughout the world. However, on the basis of Islamic religious values and certain clashes occur in the policies and also on how they work. The religion has certain values that the insurance concept is in clash with. Thus, the Islamic version of insurance or you can say the substitute according to the Islamic values was found and it is marketed widely with the name of ‘Takaful’.

Introduction to Takaful

Takaful is an interesting concept which was introduced in place of Insurance policies and it is complaint with the Islamic values. The options coming under the umbrella of Takaful have their grounds based on the concepts of Islamic transactions of the products. It is an Arabic term and it means that ‘giving each other a guarantee’ or ‘giving one’s own word as a guaranty against something’.

Explaining Takaful

Takaful is a concept which has its total peace with the Islamic laws and regulations which is called ‘Shariah’ in the original Arabic language. It is based upon the Islamic concept of insurance which is all about welfare and mutual cooperation amongst each other.
Under the Takaful concept, a number of people make a pool of their funds. The pool is filled by financial resources from everyone and all the parties (often the insurer and the insured parties) share the risk and funds factor coming from those funds.

These funds are collected in a mutually made Takaful pool and they all are benefited by the pool as they all collectively contribute those funds which are also called ‘Tabarru’ in Arabic language which is the origin of the term as well as its Islamic concept.

Products Offered Under Takaful Umbrella

As we mentioned that Takaful has been introduced in place of the conventional concept of insurance. It must cover all the areas which insurance was covering before and that is as it should be. There are a number of Takaful products being offered in the financial market in this age. We have enlisted a few for you which offers Takaful for:
  • Motor or Car or any Machinery
  • Family
  • Self-Health
  • Life
  • Medical
  • Investment or Business
  • Home (can be said again fire or any natural disaster like earthquake, hurricane etc.)
  • Child Education
  • Travel (especially for the travelling for Hajj or Umrah i.e. Pilgrimage)

Clearing the Differences between Traditional Insurance Concepts and Takaful

We understand the confusion behind finding he differences between the Insurance concepts and Takaful itself while both are being offered to offer the insured with the security purpose and protection. However, some of very critical clashes have occurred within both the concepts. One of the main and clear difference is that insurance is old, friendly and traditional method that everyone understand. While, Takaful is comparatively a newly introduced substitute for insurance which abides by the Islamic Shariah. 

Takaful Concepts

  • Concepts for Takaful say that it comes with the idea of mutual cooperation among the people opting for the Takaful or Islamic insurance. It promotes welfare and the idea of brotherhood as well.
  • It covers the Islamic laws of Shariah and also does not go against the government laws.
  • Takaful gives the insured the guaranty that the funds in Takaful will remain free from any kind of:
  1. Uncertainty
  2. Gambling
  3. Interest  
  • The risk and funds both are collectively shared and distributed among all the parties agreeing to collect their funds as ‘Tabarru’ in the Takaful pool.

Traditional Concepts of Insurance 

  • The insurance introduced previously has the concepts of the commercialism only. It has the commercial approach of saving for your own future with the insurance company who pay a cash benefit value at the time of maturity too.
  • The insurance has its concept only according to the state’s laws and the government policies.
  • There can be an element of all three terms mentioned which are considered unacceptable under the Islamic law binding and religious values.
  • The risk factor is totally shifted from the insured party towards the insurance companies who are acting as an insurance provider.


After the whole discussion, we would conclude the topic with the acceptance that we may have been able to clarify the differences between the conventional concepts of traditionally used insurance policies from the newly introduced Islamic insurance concept which is known as ‘Takaful’.

One more thing should be taken in accordance with is that the Takaful works on a policy of no claim for taking the cash back. If the insured person does not asks or claims against any kind of damages, the he or she will get back an amount in the form of cash which will be decided by the agent dealing with their Takaful policy. 

Car Insurance

Before going into the further details we will just discuss about the insurance and its types. Then we will head back to our topic of car iunsurance. So you might be thinking that the car insurance is more about submitting money for the specific period of time. And when that time frames ends, you will get all your money back. It is quite similar to that process.

But, it is different in some context as well. Like if you are depositing your valuable money to some insurance company. Like depositing money for your bike insurance. SO what you need is to submit money timely. Unfortunately, in any case, your bike gets damage due to any case then you can claim money from that insurance firm. With that said we should not mean that if the tyre of your bike gets punctured and you will be like, give my money or insurance then, then you better need to change your mindset about the car insurance.

In case of any unfortunate potential damage including the damage caused due to fire or any other brutal accident. Then in these cases, you can claim back you money or insurance that you have been submitting for many years.  So, this is what I think about the insurance. I will be happy if you let me know about your concept of insurance.  Now, we should get back to our topic which is car insurance or auto insurance. Or you can name it whatever you want. The standard principles of a car insurance are same in almost all parts of the world. And, all states just provide you an hefty amount of financial insurance or you can say financial safety.

The financial safety is provided to you in case of any brutal accident . But do we think that the car insurance is enough to provide you a proper security or it is suitable to get car insruacene. Moreover we will be discussing about all the different options of car insurance in this detail blog. Beside, this detail blog will help you in know about the procedure of car insurance. You will know more about the types of car insurance that you can avail in the modern era.

Basics of car insurance:
 The car insurance is basically a contract that is signed between an insurance firm and a person who wants to get a car insurance. An insurance firm beholds the responsibility of providing you a finiancial aid in case of any type of brutal accident or any unfortunate theft. Whereas in return you are bound to pay a value amount of money every month or even years depending upon your financial position. In the same way, the insurance firm just makes sure or it just acts on the insurance policy that is being signed between that particular company and you. Any of the car insurance firm will provide you services for your following valuables:


In return of your valuable money, the car insurance firm will provide you car insurance in case of any potential damage or theft of your car. In this case, you will have an option to get a financial aid from the insurance firm.


One of the most common as well most demanding insurance is liability insurance. The company is bound to provide you an hefty amount of financial aid in case of injury to your body or an of the property you own.


As the insurance firm is responsible for providing a financial aid to you. Therefore, it is their responsibility to bear the expense of injuries caused due to any reason. They will have to pay the cost of rehabilitation as well as the cost of funeral of your loved ones, if they got insurance policy.

The best part about insurance is that you will have an option to customize the amount of leverage you to pay to the particular insurance firm. Moreover, you will have an option to select the insurance package or policy just according to your financial position. There are different time frames for every insurance policy. Generally, you can pay the amount of insurance  for every six months. Or you just have an option to pay every year. Similarly, you will have an option to renew your car insurance any time.

Circumstance of a car insurance

So you might be thinking that who is liable to get the car insurance. You donot have to worry about the car insurance policy. The most amazing thing about the car insurance is that you along with your beloved family members are liable or have the authority to get a financial aid according to a particular car insurance policy.

Moreover, you will be given a financial aid for your car damage is some one else is riding your car. It does not end here, if you are driving someone else’s car and unfortunately get injuries then you will have an option to claim your insurance policy any time. So, you donot have to worry about your car if it gets damage in any case.

Benefits of Insurance

Your Life and Its Plans and Priorities Are Important!

We, as humans, plan for our lives that we will do this or that. Since forever, people are making plans for a crazy and happy future along with plenty of plans. that at the age of 20 we should do this, at the age of 30 we must have done that, we should have made these achievements by the age of 40 and get retired by the age of 60 and enjoy the rest of our lives. Funny thing, life doesn’t go as we plan or as we want it to pass.

Well, the journey of life, as we all understand, is not that easy itself. It has got these landslides, hurdles, traffic, race and a lot of other barriers for us before we reach our destination. Considering in the real life, these hurdles and barriers can be natural calamities, life problems, accidents, future worries, health issues, unemployment and a lot of other worries.


To prepare beforehand for such calamities and disasters of life, we make our plans but they are not enough every time. All we do and all the struggles that we make throughout the lives, that all becomes less in front of the problems we are made in contact with some times. Sometimes nothing becomes actually enough because the societal problems are not easy to overcome at all. They all require great will and stamina along with financial covers ready all the time, which is not possible for everyone every time.

Insurance is a similar idea as of the savings. Just as the people make savings for some plans for the times yet to come in the future. They also save for the lost times when the money would be less. Insurance is this process of making savings with the insurance companies in the form of annual yearly premiums in order to allow them to make investments ahead.

These insurance companies pay them back the amount if any natural calamity occurs and also they pay double of pre decided amount to ones making their savings at the end of the insurance time period. These time spans of the insurance varies from 2 year plans to 10 year plans. The plans are different when it is about the organizational or business insurance procedures.

Benefits of Insurance for Almost Everyone

There are plenty of insurance plans and organizations making a lot of promises to their clients and customers all over the world as per the client nature such as:
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Government
Not all the benefits of insurance are open and obvious for people out there, only the insurance professionals can understand and see. Let us try to understand these benefits too:

What Insurance Does For The Individuals And Society As A Whole In Making Savings?

  • One of the most common and known benefits of the insurance is the fact that it is the ultimate solution in case of losses and the heavy payments that not everyone can make right away.
  • It is obvious even while at the time of purchasing any of insurance plans that it is the contract done for the indemnity of the payments to be made by the insurance companies against the premiums made on demand.
  • Another benefit of the insurance which is not known by everyone is that is maintains the cash flow up to the mark. There are a number of losses that occur and insurance covers and manages the uncertainty of the cash and it maintains its level.
  • Also, one of the most important benefit of making an insurance contract is to know the fact that it can for you on a lot of legal matters too. This advantage is not very clear and usual for everyone but the insurance can work for you in meeting the statutory covers and to fill some of the contracts with helping material as a fact that you have a proof of your financial ownings.
  • Insurance helps us live a worry free life as we do not have to put aside specially a large amount of money for the maintenance of our insured assets. This amount of money worry has already been covered by the insurance policies.
  • It comes with another major benefit for the society as a whole that it promotes the activities of risk controlling factors. Insurance promotes the habit of savings and controlling the risk before it occurs.
  • Insurance companies and their policies and striving hard to reduce the burden of the society as a whole like it helps in paying to the insured victims of any accidents
  • It helps the insured people in making up for the payments of college fee for the students, also managing the expenditures for daughter’s marriage and even leading a balanced life after retirement.
  • Insurance companies help the economy and society in a way that they provide for the funds to those who are collecting investments.
  • There are companies who work on the investment drivers to expand their operations and functions as a whole. In return they earn a great deal of financial revenues. Insurance companies act as a source of investment capitals for these investment driver companies.

All You Need To Know About Life Insurance

So You Do Not Go For The Wrong Idea, Get Secured Or Not? Let’s See!

Insurance as a Concept
All the life, people around the world work hard and die hard to earn more and more for the secure and balanced future. They make plans and have certain dreams for their lives. In order to achieve them, they set some goals for the life on various levels. They earn and the most common practice that they undergo is savings.

People save mostly to do stuff in future. Often they make savings with the insurance companies. This means that they keep their money safe with the banks and institutes who would save their precious money and financial resources for them. People pay money in the form of yearly intervals and these payments are known as premiums.

Defining the Insurance

Insurance carries clauses of legal binding in the written document as it is a contract, a contract which is to be signed by and carried down between the two parties i.e. insurance company (and the insurer) and the individual or business organization (or you can simply call it the insured party). The contract binds the legality of payment by the insurer to the insured party in case of demand or need with proof of need or after the maturity period of the insurance contract is completed.

Concept of Life Insurance

In the above discussion, we have been talking about the plans we as humans make for our lives. While, the point of the discussion is quite opposite. People keep on running after materials and money to secure their future. However, they cannot even give a guaranty of their future as well. They can’t make sure or even be sure of how much of life they are left with.

Also, there comes another fear or who will do what they are doing after them. They are mostly the bread earners for their households and family and they worry about their families more than they worry for themselves. The journey of life is not easy certainly however, the worry for death can make it even more miserable. This is where the insurance companies come as becoming the guardian angel for you.

Why One Should Go For Life Insurance?

Obviously, the insurance companies cannot stop anything bad from happening. However, they can surely minimize your risks for you when you go for a ‘Life Insurance Policy’. The people go through certain fears that:

1.    Who is going to take care of my family after me?
2.    Who will be maintaining a balance financial stream for my household?
3.    Who can my family rely on if not for me?
4.    Will there be financial constraints after me within my family?

People with such fears usually are suggested to get themselves insured as early as possible for their families to stay out of financial problems in case of their demise. This means that we have to accept that after death, we always leave certain people who have to keep fighting and running errands on daily basis to keep surviving in the world under all the social pressures.

Your life insurance policy might not cover for their life time expenses, obviously it will not. However, it will provide your beloved with some financial cushions so that they can take their time to be stable enough for themselves and each other.

How Will Life Insurance Work For You?

Life Insurance work wonders for the policy takers. However, there are three main ways or Life Insurance mechanisms discussed as below:

1.    Benefit atthe Time of Death

The most clear and common benefit of the Life Insurance policy is the benefit of the financial cushions received by the insured’s family from the insurer i.e. the insurance company. The insurance companies give a guaranty that the beneficiaries of the insured as mentioned in the insurance policy, will be given the amount of the insurance after the insured’s demise.

The amount of insurance is estimated as per the future expenses predicted by the insured person. There are also certain percentages of interests added to the amount of insurance premiums depending upon the duration of the insurance policy and amount of premiums as well.

2.    Premium Payments Refund

There is a special method to calculate the premium payments of the insurance policy. This method is based on actuarial science and specifically known as actuarially based method of statistics and mathematics. In this method, the insurance companies are responsible for determining the:
a.    Cost of insurance
b.    Administrative fee
c.    Mortality costs
d.    Maintenance of policy fee

However, there are some factors more to determine or fluctuate the premium amount. These are the policy buyer’s or insured’s:

a.    Age
b.    Professional threats
c.    Medical history
d.    Risk propensity

With the timely payments of the premiums been made to the insurer by the insured party, the insurer becomes liable to pay the amount of death benefit to the beneficiaries of the insured. Usually in the case of universal life insurance policies which are also considered as permanent policy for life insurance, the premium includes all type of costs along with a specific amount of cash value.

3.    Cash Value

As we mentioned above that cash value comes in the universal or permanent life insurance policies, it has two purposes to offer behind. These purposes are:
a.    It can act as a savings account for the lifetime duration of the insured party. Although, there might be certain limitations regarding the withdrawal of the money.
b.    It can also act as a balancing agent in case of rising of the cost. Also, it provides insurance as a prime purpose.


Since you have made it to this part of the internet, I am going to assume that you just found out about insurance policies and su...