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Famous Insurance Companies All Over the World

So You Should Know Where To Invest Is The Safest!

Insurance Concept

Just as the people make savings for some plans for the times yet to come in the future. They also save for the lost times when the money would be less. Insurance is a similar idea as of the savings. Insurance is this process of making savings with the insurance companies in the form of annual yearly premiums in order to allow them to make investments ahead.

Insurance carries legal binding as it is a contract, a contract to be carried down between the insurance company (and the insurer) and the individual or business organization (or you can simply call it the insured party). The contract binds the legality of payment by the insurer to the insured party in case of demand or need with proof of need.

Well, the journey of life, as we all understand, is not that easy itself. It has got these landslides, hurdles, traffic, race and a lot of other barriers for us before we reach our destination. Considering in the real life, these hurdles and barriers can be natural calamities, life problems, accidents, future worries, health issues, unemployment and a lot of other worries.

Big Names In The Insurance And Investment Industry That You Need To Know About:


Fears in your head can put you in extreme stress and with the worries such as:
  • Who will cover for the expenses if I ever get into a car accident?
  • What will happen after I get retired?
  • What if I ever get sick?
  • How will I manage to pay for everything at daughter’s wedding day?
  • Who will be there to look after for my household after I die or after I get retired?
  • How will I be able to afford the expenses of my kids’ college education?
All such fears and worries can be overcome by the insurance policies offered at various insurance companies all around the world.

Let us talk about a few out of the insurance companies or let’s say the big names in the insurance and investment industry:
  • China Life Insurance Company
  • CNP Assurances
  • Prudential Financial Inc.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • State Life Insurance Corporation
  • CNP Assurances


Founded about 60 years ago in 1959 with its headquarters in the touristic capital Paris of the France country, is the CNP Assurances. It is a famous corporation known for its exemplary services in the insurance and as an assurance guide to the people in France and also worldwide.
It serves to the areas in South America as a French corporation for insurance services with also a parent company which owns 40% of the shares of this insurance company, CNP Assurances. The full name for the CNP Assurances is Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance and is known for its revenues of more than $30 billion every year. The CEO of the corporation is
Frédéric Lavenir and the chairman is Jean-Paul Faugère.

  • State Life Insurance Corporation


The State Life Insurance Corporation is a government owned body in Pakistan and it is operational within Pakistan too. It is among one of the most prestigious and largest organizations within the country. With more than 2 lacs sales employees, the State Life insurance is ruling the country’s insurance industry services.
The government’s first insurance corporation, SLIC was established in 1972 with its headquarters in the old capital, Karachi and the chairman of the organization is Shoaib Mir Memon.
It also owns a range of subsidiary companies such as:
  • The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan Ltd.
  • Asset Management Arm
  • Alpha Insurance Company Ltd.
  • China Life Insurance Company


It is one of the most prestigious and known corporation working in China with the headquarters in Beijing and functioning all over China and the world as well. The corporation is a famous insurance company and an investment product based firm in china and has been listed in the Forbes 500 a lot of times. The company has an interesting structure with a few parent companies as well as a few child companies as well.
The child companies are like the organizations such as China Life Franklin Asset Management Company Ltd.
While the parents organizations are:
  • Government of China
  • State Council of People’s Republic of China
  • China Life Insurance Group
The CEO of the CLIC is Dairen Lin and the Chairman is Mr. Yang.
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company


By the revenue stats, the Nippon Life Insurance Company is considered as the largest organization for the Insurance services within Japan. It is known for other names in Japan like Nissay and also sometimes as Nihon Seimei. It was founded back in the year 1889 with another name that is Nippon Life Assurance Co. however the name changed when the company decided to expand its scope.

The firm expanded the scope to all the aspects coming within the insurance umbrella. With the headquarters in the state Osaka in Japan, NLIC has its net value exceeded from 540 billion JPY. It also has a subsidiary named Taiju Life Insurance and the appointed CEO is Hiroshi Shimizu.

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