Monday, 2 September 2019


Uncertainty, unforeseen deaths, accidents and many other terrible tragic things may happen to anyone at any given time. Life does not knock on your door, handing you a notice claiming that something terrible is going to happen to you. You have to prepare for the unexpected and have a plan b or backup plan.

You may have an unduiagnoised disease, have an arm or leg unepxctedly broken, a family or people to care for. There are so many things that can happen to a person, as dark and sad these things are to think about. They are all very real and could happen to anyone without warning. So the best course of action is satying safe, looking ahead and of course health insurance or accidemt insurance. If you are not clear about insurance or how it works, do not worry. Most people do not as it is more of a first world dynamic and most people happen to get insurance for their time travelling abroad. That is because, unless you have not travelled internationally that it is a neccisty to have insurance while your stay at a foreign coutry, only then you can revoke medical assiatce or else you will have to pay a lot more than what your injury or sickness bargained for. That being said, health insurance also covers for your death, if a person is worried about themselves and their loved ones, plus things are looking pretty grim, you can go for health insurance and then after your demise, cue grave sounding music. Your family will get a hefty sum of money to live on.

In some places, I mean more advanced countries, having a health insurance plan is a part of the law, you can potentially face chaeges and other penalties for the lack of health insurance. Every individual is obligated to it, except the alien you got from Area 51, they do not need it. Do contact the alien embassy for any details and inquires. Coming back to the bigger picture, regardless of whevere you are, unless you work in a governemt sector job or position or your company is willing to take over such costs, then you do not need it. Even if you are a little iffy about this, contact your most trusted insurance company around and ask for details and get ready for a whole lot of Googling.

Let us get into the dummy basics of health insurance, how it can save your life, keep your sanity, and so much more.



Let me put this in real simple words, so basically, when you want to have your back covered to save yourself from big bills, health related mishaps and other huge problems. You go to an insurance company where they sit you down and give you a list of plans, each plan varies and has a different total cost. And after you pick and finalize a plan, sign the agreement, the insurance company comes in, saves your self from gigantic medical costs and bills. If you get hurt or injured, as per the nature of your plan. Again, there are plenty of types, medical insurance is just one of them. There exist accident insurecn, house insurance, travel insurance, general insurance, flood insurance, pet insurance and more.

A basic health insurance plan covers essential heath benefits, and plus when you yearly cost maximum, your medical charges and such are all now the company’s burden, sounds festive, does it not? What you have to be careful about when deciding your plan is that you need to ask the really nice insurance policy man the details and ask him or her to explain everything about the policies to you. Think it through and ask them everything, it is okay if you think you sound like a moron. Better sounding like a moron than actually being one long term.

Some things that indicate that the health insurance plan is stellar is to notice the following checkups and such. Like vaccines coverage, medical screenings, frequent checkups, preventive care and so on.



The greatest advantage you will have is that you will get better rates and prices for health care treatments, prescriptions, checkups and more! That is the beauty of being associated with health insurance companies, the beteer, more reputable your company the better the prices you are going to get. All in all, you will be safe, from big cost surgeries and other things. You will be safe from the law, and with health insurance, you are not restricted to physical injuries and diseases, this also encompasses mental health disorders. So if you end up being in depression know that seeing a therapist is no longer a untouchable dream and so. You don’t have to head to Twitter, to complain about the severity of the lack of help for mental health illnesses. Just kidding, this is very serious and you should take care of your mental well-being. So, do not be afraid to ask about the mental health benefits from your induace officer either.

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