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Even though insurance companies only want to benefit their clients and insurance literally means safety. People are still very skeptical about it, and are unware, so unless it is the law in your country or unless the people of your country are very well versed about the benefits and importance of insurce plans. 
Then you will have to realize that keeping your clients happy is very important. That uis because you need to be keeping them with your company for the long run, someone dropping their plan is a really bad sign for the company and if you happen to be the policy officer, it is going to be a huge blow for you too, mate. For new companies you really need to step up your game if you want your company to boom and if you want your clients recommending it to other people, you know? 

So here is a list of ways you can please your clients and have their loyalty entrusted with your insurance company. It is very normal to go the extra mile for your climts, especially when you are starting small. It is a given to be honest, and sometimes it is not possible to hire a marketing team for this department. If you cannot 

Let us start with the first method.

In order for many business to thrive, a healthy and happy relationship must be maintained with the clients, so call your clients at random asking about their current conditions, to see if they are alright, and to say thank you for their choice to asocuiate and plan with your respected company. Nothing makes anyone happier than a check in call every now and then. 


If you want to really please your customers and climb the ranks real quick, then this is how you can do it. It should not  be too hard since insurance companies have connections that allow them to offer VIP services and fancy things for a smaller dollar. Do things that will bring a smile to your clients face, keeping their profiles in mind. 

Like a movie ticket or a gift voucher, a free meal from a cool new restraut or an invuite to an event. Things like these really get the clients happy and this way you will be double promoting your business and will show the that you are a high class company that only and truly works for the benefits of their customers. People will tell other people about it, bcuase admit it. Who does not like to get free stuff and not boast about it? Make people’s experices worthwhile, alright, because that is the plan. Do this for them every six months so they are motivated about completing their yearly payout goals and more. 


After your customer hits a milestone, or when you have a new client sign with your insurance company, with their conscent of course, ask them to take a picture with you guys or them to send their own so you can showcase their partnership to the world. This will be a sweet gesture from your companys side, the client will be receiving protocol, and you will be showing the world your progress and you will get more clients this way as well. Do talk this out with the client, do not impose or tell them to do this as an obligation as this can bite you back and actually have a negative effct on your business. Also people will be getting a shout out to their accounts, I mean more followers right? A lot of people would definitely want that.


Wether it is ugly t-shirts or coffee mugs, people, again love free stuff and just feel dekighted when they receive something extra. Heck, I mean I would to. So, send them stuff from your office. That be calenders, mugs, baskets, publications, post cards, gift vouchers and that kind of stuff. Trust me this kind of branding technique is used by big marketing agencies, so you just got this free. 


For your social media platforms or for your entire your company, it depends if you can handle it. But be aware that there are plenty of small startups who advertise and do marketing, so there will be something that will suit your budget. So, before you completely give up and think management and staff will fall short. Do not worry because there are marketing agencies looking for clients desperately and you can even negaotiate a deal or short term contract. Trust me, it will hurt more not efficiently advertising than giving a little more for experts to maintain and give rise to your insurance company! 

That is all for this article, I would like to hear your thoughts too! Running a business can be hard but with the right tactics and strategies, anything including big success can be achieved. So do not forget to keep your clients happy!

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